Today Meubelfabriek Theuns has developed into a company that focuses on the design, production and sale of solid oak furniture. Through a combination of craftsmanship and customer-focus a second generation with the brothers Theo, Ludo and Marc, has managed to increase the turnover considerably. Together with our staff of 90 employees we are able to guarantee continuity.


Le parc de machines a été agrandi avec une machine CNC à 5 axes.


A new office complex with showroom is inaugurated.


A new show van is purchased to launch the Thothem brand as well as other exclusive models.


The family nature of the company is ensured by the integration of the 3rd generation.


The automated panel production is being increased with a sanding street.


We showed a complete new exhibition stand at the International Furniture Fair in Brussels and won with our new range Landeck, the Balthazar "most green" award.


The PEFC certificate is reached! All the furniture is manufactured in European oak that is certified with the PEFC certifications. This means that the forest where the oak trees were cut, will be replaced by young oak trees.


A complete new automatic panel department is installed and in use.
From the 6th until the 13th June, MTE is celebrating their 75th anniversary.


There is a second large extension of the dispatch- and machinery department by an area of 3,400 m².
Total built-over area : 21,000 m²


Due to increasing automation the machine department is extended by an area of 1,315 m².


Rising production creates an urgent need for a larger wood depot.
New total area wood depot : 3,730 m².


Second extension of 2,400 m². There is a new, fully automated spraying department and a new dispatch department.


By now the second generation with Ludo, Theo and Marc Theuns is already active in the business and in this year they take over the factory so that it continues to be a family concern.


The production process becomes increasingly automated and the first computer-controlled machines are put to use.


The company becomes a limited liability company: Meubelfabriek Theuns NV.
The production department is extended by 2,400 m².


Full occupation of the new factory buildings.
Buildings : 7,520 m²
Wood depot : 2,480 m²


By now the company has become one of the biggest companies producing Breton style furniture. As the production space in the centre of Essen is in full use, 3.5 ha of land is bought on the industrial zone, ‘De Rijckmaker’.


Foundation of the plc Frans Theuns- Hendrickx.


The existing furniture shop at Nieuwstraat 32 grows with the business. In the same period land is bought in the Dreef and this becomes the new entrance to the company.


After the war the business moves to the centre of Essen at Nieuwstraat 18; a year later his brother Jules joins the staff.


As the orders increase he is forced to hire workers including his brother Jozef.


Frans Theuns starts producing oak furniture using handmade machines in Heikant in Essen. The furniture is made to order and delivered to customers by dogcart.

Pure oak

Belgian product