Through our years of experience in processing OAK WOOD, we have become one of the top furniture manufacturers in Europe, with a perfect price-quality balance. That is why we only work with the best suppliers in Europe, who are certified to reclaim forests in an ecologically sound and responsible way. Every year the world loses 13 million hectares of forest. It is therefore vital to make sure that forests are properly managed if we want to ensure their future. Deforestation is linked to climate change, as at last 18% of carbon emissions are attributable to deforestation. As well as global warming, deforestation also has countless other damaging consequences. Consider the loss of biodiversity, as well as employment for the local population. Forests come under increasing pressure. We have an ever increasing need for wood. Wood to heat us, to build things, to decorate, but also as a basis for paper, cardboard, etc... We can of course still continue to use wood; it is after all the ultimate renewable resource. The production of wood uses four times less energy than in the production of concrete, 60 times less energy than in the production of steel and 130 times less energy than in the product of aluminium. Moreover, trees absorb CO2 and produce oxygen via photosynthesis. It is not the use of wood that is causing the downfall of forests, rather the improper use of it.

Responsible and sustainable wood production is therefore of vital importance.

Certification guarantees that the wood comes from a legal and sustainable source.

Certification is essential for sustainability and the proper management of forests and should therefore be encouraged and supported!

Pure oak

Belgian product